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Winter Festival 14-23 March
Vinterfestuka Barnetog WinterFestival

It started as a French festival in 1956 as a symbol of the good relationship between Narvik and France. The Second World War was over and Narvik was visited by French soldiers who was in the battle of

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Aurora Hunting
Narvik Mountain Lodge by Pål Jakobsen
Winter in Narvik gives you the possibility to experience the amazing Aurora Borealis. We have great conditions with no artificial light and  breathtaking
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Northern Lights app
Pål Jakobsen
If you plan to stay in Narvik this winter we reccommend you to download the new app from VisitNorway with northern lights forecast for Narvik. 
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Skivacation in Narvik
Kjell G Karlsen
Now you can book your planetickets from Oslo to Narvik for a great skiholiday in Narvik.  Read more about Narvikfjellet here  Follow the Link and enjoy a
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Linken climbing park
Foto Rune Dahl
Welcome to Linken Climbing park In the forest in the Narvik mountain you will find a very special activity for both kids and adults.The park welcome you to to
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Walking into history-Ofoten Railway
Train, hiking, boat and beautiful nature in one day.The hike from Katterat to Rombaksbotn is a beautiful trip for everyone. History from the Navvy years and fr
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A heavenly view
Foto Lise Hansen
Narvik mountain - the worlds greatest viewpoint for the midnightsun!
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Alpine skiing in Narvikfjellet
Kjetil Janson
Enjoy a heavenly view and great skiing in Narvik own skiing resort Narvikfjellet. If you don't carry your own skis you can rent suitable equipment here. The re
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Geocaching in Narvik
John McKey / 4rail.net
Discover Narvik by your GPS advice or smartphone.  Narvik and the surrounding area offer lots of “caches”.
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Rock carving in Narvik
Amalie Liljebakk
Just outside the town center of Narvik, we find traces of humans living area in the early Stone Age, just over 5000 years ago. The rock carving is shaped as mo
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Colors of the fall
Narvikfjellet is still open, enjoy the heavenly view and the beautiful colors of the fall from the cable car restaurant. The restaurant is open the same hours
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The Auroral Forecast
Photo: Ragnar Bøifot
The Auroral forecast at KHO is now available for all smart phone platforms including Android, iPhone and Windows.  The apps were released on Andøya Rocket
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Not just the nature..
BEAUTIFUL / DRAMATIC / HISTORICAL  Narvik is so much more than just beautiful nature! Narvik, as the first industrial community in Northern Norway, expanded
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Walking into history
Buy tickets at the tourist office for an incredible excursion to one of Norway's finest outdoor areas!
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Are you a photo fanatic, or just like to take great pictures? – This is the perfect activity for you!
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Discover Narvik
 Bus sightseeing from June 18. – August 19. 2012 every tuesday and thursday from the tourist office at the Railway station in Narvik at 11.00 in the morning.
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Ride a Harley
Explore the region on the back of a Harley-Davidson. Touring through beautiful Northern Norway you will experience a unique freedom, fresh air, fjords , moun
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Sky on fire
Copyright Michael Ulriksen, Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Nordlys
When the sky in Narvik is clear and you can`t see any clouds-Look up at the sky and watch for the spectacular northern lights. These days there are powerful ac
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Enjoy the city life
Enjoy city life in Narvik, eat out, cinemas in the region, nightlife, Cafés and resturants.  Take a look
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Historical routes
Plan your excursions along the Ofotbanen, Grenseleden i Tysfjord, Gállogieddi in Evenes etc Visit our "Historical routes in the Narvik region"
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Gállogieddi invites you to markesámi surroundings – and perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to taste traditional markesámi food. You are heartily welcome!
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Polar Zoo
Get close to the local wildlife ! Welcome to the most northern Animal Zoo in the World- Polar Zoo. Meet the wolves, brown bears, lynx, wolverines, arctic foxes
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